"JAS and its personnel will strive to translate every stated and implied need of its customers into specific action in its business operations in order to provide customer relevant quality in thier products and services.
JAS will achieve this through systematic customer interaction and effective quality management systems, ably supported by dedicated team work."
Various Tests for Quality: 
      At JAS, raw material specifications are very well defined. Various grades of polymers used by JAS are procured from the best indigenous and imported sources. Test reports for these consignments are verified with the results obtained at JAS testing facilities. Only those that match Superfil's stringent standards are used in production.  At every stage of production, Superfil's experienced personnel ensure product quality by adhering to the stringent parameters drawn up by experts.JAS Quality Management System ensures that every products history is well documented and preserved for any future references.
Advanced Testing Facilities :
  JAS has modern testing laboratories where a variety of tests are carried out.


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Raw Materials :   

  • Relative viscosity / Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Moisture Content
  • End groups
  • Extractables
  • Colour
Finished Products :

  •   Diameter
  •   Denier
  •   Tensile Strength
  •   Elongation at break  
  •   Loads at specified elongations & elongation at specified loads  
  •   Shrinkage in boiling Water
  •   Shrinkage in hot air   
  •   Shrinkage force

  •   Relative viscosity of filament

  •   Moisture content in filament
  •   Finish oil content
  •   Filament melting point
  •   Special tests for moist heat hydrolysis
  •   Knot strength wet / dry
  •   Abrasion resistance
  •   Flexibility & Pliability